Convert Food Quantities Between Different Units of Measurement

  • How much does a teaspoon of salt weigh ?
  • Need to convert 20 Ounces into Grammes ?
  • Approx how many Kg of shrimps do I need for 50 pieces

Here's how...

  • Select the Units you are converting from (eg Teaspoon, Ounces or Pieces )
  • Enter the Quantity you know (eg 1, 20 or 50)
  • Select the Units you want the answer in (eg Grammes,Kilogrammes )
  • If you are converting between different types of Units, eg from Volume to Weight, or Quantity to Weight then you will have to select what type of product you are using. This is because eg a teaspoon of salt has a different weight than a teaspoon of baking powder... or that there are of course more small shrimps in a KG than big shrimps.
  • Press Calculate Now
  • If there is enough information then the answer will pop up on the screen.
Of course we have done our best to make sure that the calculations are correct but no guarantees !!. If you spot any errors or can suggest improvements then please let us know.

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