Welcome to Demichef

Demichef has some useful tools for restaurants and catering businesses. Food and Ingredient Information...Online Food ,Recipe and Menu Costing.

The Product Wiki contains information on all types of food products used as ingredients in the restaurant or catering kitchen. The idea is that members contributes to provide a comprehensive list of food products. If you ingredient is missing then find a good place to fit it in and enter the food product details. If you find a mistake or missing information then just go and change the information.

The demichef site is available in English and Dutch (for now). Click on the flag to change your language.

Note that food products have first to be added in English.....whether the site is in Dutch or English.

Add a Dutch translation by editing a food product when the site is in Dutch.. just change the English name etc to the Dutch version. The English food details will not be lost.. they will come up again when you switch the site to English.

In the User Area you first set up your own personal Categories, Groups and Suppliers. Then select Ingredients you wish to use from the Product Wiki.

Enter your personal Recipes and Menus then perform Food Cost Calculations, Recipe Cost Calculations and Menu Cost Calculations. Display Recipe and Menu Production (MEP) Lists and Recipe and Menu Requirement Lists automatically. These remain private, only accesible by you.

This demiCHEF site will be having new features added ... more details soon.

Just signup free to give it a try..